It’s not only fast, it’s also bulletproof – World’s first armoured Golf 8 GTI

The bulletproof hardware is said to be lightweight and adds “less than 180kg” to the GTI’s kerb mass.

On same day that SVI Engineering introduced its bulletproof take on the Nissan Patrol, rival armoured vehicle manufacturer, Armormax, has introduced it’s latest offering based on the Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI.

Armoured Golf nothing new

A project that comes on the back of the firm’s introduction of an armoured version of the preceding Golf 7.5 in 2018, the B4 level protected GTI wasn’t viewed as much of a challenge despite being new from the 7.5.

“There was never a question that we would develop the world’s first armouring package for the new model, knowing that there would be a high demand.”

Rear facia has also not been changed.

Resisting the bullet

Tipping the scales at “less than 180kg”, the modifications to the GTI includes replacing the standard glass with ballistics glass, constructing the tailgate, doors, side panels, roof pillars and even the rear seats out of lightweight synthetic armour and fitting a PPT intercom system.

In addition to the windows, models specified with the optional sunroof have had their conventional glass swapped-out for the ballistics composite.

Bulletproof the clearest indication yet that the Armormax GTI is different from standard.

Despite not disclosing outright which weapons the B4 package can withstand, a quick glance at the firm’s website confirms the ability to provide protection against handguns and shotguns ranging from a nine-millimetre pistol to a .44 Magnum.

Power and price

As for performance, the combination of the 180kW/370Nm 2.0 TSI engine and seven-speed DSG remains unchanged, though expect the 6.4 second sprint from 0-100 km/h to be significantly prolonged thanks to the added weight. The claimed top speed is likely to be stagnant at 250 km/h.

In announcing the B4 Golf GTI, Broom also confirmed that two units have already been made; a so-called off the shelf model priced at R1 800 000, and a lower specification black example retailing for R1 700 000.