• Happily Driving Without Fear- our client speaks up

    A client of ours kindly sent us his thoughts on his experience in dealing with us. While our driving intention is to keep South African’s safe, we are equally committed to outstanding customer care and empathy. The acknowledgment of this is not the goal, but it certainly adds to the rewarding gratification we experience knowing […]

  • ‘I have the best security, I don’t need an armoured car’. Wrong.

      Let’s start here… we are by no means security experts or practitioners. We have never been CPO’s (Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard) and don’t intend to be for that matter. That said we deal with security, threats, risks and mitigating those risks through our products and services on a daily basis. 90% of our […]

  • The little Golf that could – innovation crushes assumptions

    If you say the words ‘armoured car’, what is the first idea or image that pops into your mind? I bet the vehicle you imagine is probably a shade of brown or green, has tyres capable of crushing rocks, small windows and lots of hatches and ports that hint death awaits you. And I guess […]

  • Quality: Why it matters

    You must be familiar with the expression ‘you get what you pay for’. Unpack that expression for a second because the real meaning in that really has nothing to do with money but responsibility. As in you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make, and the only way you can be sure of the […]

  • Why deal with MMI Armoured Cars?

    It goes without saying that any company website’s ‘About’ page or anything similar is going to be filled with platitudes, promises and propaganda. You will probably find a mission statement which we are pretty sure are stolen templates from Google, or even nauseatingly worse, an insight into their core values. While you may find things […]

  • Understanding Ballistic and Protection Levels

    This can be a very confusing topic for anyone as there seem to be different terms and acronyms for different protection levels. Then you throw things like flat nose, full metal jacket, soft core and many other technical terms into the mix and you end up being confused with no confidence you are purchasing the […]

  • Why Armoured Cars?

    It’s no secret that South African crime and hijacking statistics are frightening at the moment. While it may look like the authorities are doing nothing about it, the truth is the scourge is so great that they just cannot cope. From this has risen a massive security sector that continues to grow, and in fact […]

  • Armoured Vehicle for Crime Fighting

    It’s hugely rewarding to both deal with the people that we do, and know that our armoured vehicles are being utilized in vital projects such as this. PLETTENBERG BAY NEWS – Plettenberg Bay criminals have another reason to be shaking in their boots – a R1.4-million, four-wheeled, bulletproof reason. A local businessman, who wanted to […]

  • 1 Car Hijacked Every 32 Minutes in South Africa

    South Africa – According to statistics released by the South African Police Service in March 2017, a total of 12 743 vehicles were hijacked in South Africa between April and December 2016 – that’s 14.9% more than in the 2015/16 financial year.Earlier in 2017, Wheels24 reported that more than 1400 vehicles are hijacked each month […]

  • Solving Your Protection Needs

    Solving your protection needs: If you are supremely concerned about your security against various attacks there are a number of steps that you can take with your vehicle to prevent an attempt on your life or to protect you in the worst case scenario. Here are some of the top solutions you should consider for […]