That will largely depend on the nature of your threat/perceived threat and vehicle usage. Part of our consultation will be to assess this for you and advise accordingly.

Because we use lightweight armour in the vehicles we armour, the performance is not as adversely affected as with armoured vehicles that exclusively use ballistic steel. As an example, on most SUV’s we typically add 180 kg to the base weight, and in all cases we are well under the vehicle’s GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass).
The intention of an armoured vehicle is to protect its occupants. As such, the armouring builds a cocoon around the passenger compartment. In the case of a B6, additional parts of the vehicle are armoured to ensure both protection and mobility. Armouring can also be customised to a clients need.

If it is a vehicle similar to what we have armoured belore- i.e. we can readily manufacture the glass, it will typically take 3 months for a B4 build and up to 5 months for a B6 build from date of order. If we have not armoured your type of vehicle before, we can still do it for you but the time period can be double that.

Technically yes, most can. Although we have found some vehicles are more conducive to armouring and we will guide you on our recommendations to suit your needs and your tastes.

You can drive for another 100km at 80 km/h depending on road conditions and vehicle load.

At MMI Armoured Cars the process is no different. We are a luxury vehicle dealership well versed in dealing with distinguished tastes. Most of all, we offer discretion to all our clients. We are able to trade in your current vehicle. arrange finance and insurance and have an unrivalled aftersales program so even when your car needs repairs, you remain secure.
Yes it can be, just the same as any other vehicle extra you would insure. In the case of attack or accident or damage, parts and glass can be replaced.

A 2 year warranty on vehicle armour components and workmanship is included from the date the vehicle is armoured. Whilst we cannot guarantee, most manufacturers vehicle service plans and maintenance plans are unaffected. It is always best to follow our guidance regarding vehicle maintenance and repairs to ensure the longevity and security of the vehicle.