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South African crime and hijacking statistics are frightening. Despite the best efforts of the authorities, the problem is getting worse. It’s at the point where we feel helpless, vulnerable and completely unsafe. An increasing number of individuals, businesses and travelers are investing in the best protection possible- an armoured luxury vehicle from MMI Armoured Cars.

Armoured Cars for individuals & companies

MMI Armoured Cars is currently the leader in the sale, hire and re-purchase of Luxury Armoured Cars in South Africa. We are the largest dealer-based operation that holds immediately available Armoured Cars both for sale and rental. We have many options to suit the level of protection and luxury you require. For certain specific requirements, we are in a position to customise our fleet to your needs .

Why Armoured Cars?

At all times, our customers are treated with the highest level of discretion and care. As a luxury dealer-based business, we are well versed in dealing with individuals of distinction and unique preferences. We are ready to meet your every requirement.

Just as you would take every measure you can afford to in protecting and securing your home, business and assets- we offer the opportunity to secure yourself on the road against a growing threat.

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