MMI Armoured Cars


MMI Armoured Cars is currently the leader in the sale, rental and repurchase of Luxury Armoured Cars in South Africa. We are the only dealer based operation that holds immediately available Armoured Cars both for sale and rental.

We have many options to suit the level of protection and luxury you require. For certain specific requirements, we are in a position to customise our fleet to your needs.

At all times, our customers are treated with the highest level of discretion and care. As a luxury dealer-based business, we are well versed in dealing with individual of distinction and unique preferences. We are ready to meet your every requirement.

Melrose Motor Investments (MMI) is a Johannesburg-based business that has established itself as a leader in the rental agency market for armoured vehicles. This is a necessity in the current South African climate which has seen a drastic increase in crime and as such a need for additional security measures.

Melrose Motor Investments (MMI) has had a proud tradition of serving the public motoring needs since its inception in 2007. Building on its skill and experience, MMI has expanded from its flagship dealership into one of the biggest motor dealerships of its kind; encompassing Melrose Nissan, Datsun Melrose, GT-R, Infiniti of Melrose, VW Melrose, MMI Exotic Cars, MMI Armoured Cars, MMI Pre-owned vehicles as well as being one of only two Nissan High Performance Centre’s in the country.

Melrose Motor Investments (MMI) was the number one selling dealer for 2012 as well as achieving the “After Sales Dealer Of The Year” award for 2012. We have also won the Mega Dealer of the Year award for 2014. With a wide selection of vehicles and the technical skills, Melrose Motor Investments has proven itself as one of the foremost dealerships in the country.

Melrose Motor Investments (MMI) portfolio has been augmented with the addition of Abela for business vehicle leasing and Revfin an asset finance company.