Why MMI Armoured Cars?

South African crime and hijacking statistics are frightening.
Despite the best efforts of the authorities, the problem is getting worse. It's at the point where we feel helpless, vulnerable and completely unsafe.

An increasing number of individuals, businesses and travelers are investing in the best protection possible- an Armoured luxury vehicle from MMI Armoured Cars.

The first line of defense against crime and hijacking is awareness and common sense. An Armoured Car is your last line of defense and the best possible protection you can provide for you and your family.

Our customers are always apprehensive at first, however once you have driven an armoured vehicle, you cannot substitute or sacrifice that feeling of safety and peace of mind. To the naked eye, you would not even notice if a vehicle is armoured or not. This means you remain inconspicuous and most of all SAFE.

Armouring Levels

B4 level protection is for IAC Level III (EN 1063 B4) high powered handguns such as .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger and .44 Magnum.

VR6/B6 (EN 1063 B6) level protection is for high powered semi-automatic assault rifles, including the AK47 and M80.

Most of our fleet is armoured by Armormax. Armouring kits are developed in the United States and adapted for local conditions and fitted locally. All vehicles are guaranteed by Armormax for 24 months from the date of the build, with aftersales service befitting these luxury security vehicles. Armormax are renowned for using pioneering lightweight materials that do not stunt the performance and dynamic abilities of the vehicles. A B4 Armoured SUV typically adds 180kg to the base weight as an example.

Should you want to place a special order for an existing vehicle to be armoured, or want to order a specific vehicle to spec, MMI Armoured Cars can handle the entire process form sourcing a vehicle to handling over your completed armoured car. We do also stock factory armoured vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz Guard and BMW Security vehicles.